Hello Committee Directors and Assistants :)

HOF has put these pages together, to act as a quick reference when you really need alot of information real fast about our members, so hopefully this will serve as a great purpose for all of us!

Below are some private links to access some of our growing membership information that Heather Anne has made available for you... so please don't pass these pages along to anyone, as they are ment only for Committee Directors and Assistant Directors.

If you by chance loose the urls, then please email me at hofheatheranne@yahoo.com and I'll will be more than happy to send them to you :)

Also.. if there is anything else that you think we should have listed here for our records, or if you would like to us to offer something else here that maybe we haven't even thought about, then please let us know so we can do the very best job we possibly can do, to help you :)

When you click on the links below, a new window will open for you so you can check a number of pages at the same time without loosing this one.

Alphabetic Membership Listing

Containing just about anything you can think of; from email addresses, birthdates, committees, and our webring, you'll find it all listed here!

Committee Leader Contacts

Containing a list of committee directors and assistant directors, their contact name and email addy's.

Webring Numerical Listing

Contains a list of all webring members, their site ID's, ring urls, and information regarding their fragments.