Friendship is a living thing
that lasts only as long as it is nourished
with kindness, empathy and understanding
~ Author Unknown ~

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the House of Friends
invites you to join us!

Welcome Dear Friend,

You have found your path to our House of Friends. We are delighted you are here. It seems with the world in the shape that it is today, we are all in need of a friend. Friendship is a gift that cannot be replaced. It is a true factor of living a fullfilled life, never to be mistaken as someone who does not care about your personal struggles, outcomes and achievements, because that is after all, what friendship is all about. Whether you were invited, or perhaps just stumbled across our House of Friends by coincidence, the fact remains that you were meant to be here with us, and to join our group as our new friend. We are here to welcome you with open arms, just as a true friend should.

On March 1st, 2002 the House of Friends came to life. It was the creation of an online group of friends that wanted to offer others a friendly place in the company of friendship, that we all cherish and deserve. Our members come from all walks of life - men, women, young, old, rich and poor. If you are looking for a friendly attmosphere and a place to turn, other than the normal on-line group or webring that seems to consume the internet, then this is the place for you to settle. We share a common ground in building solid frienships and compassion with one another. We believe that all friendships are special treasures simply waiting to be discovered.

the House of Friends has more to offer than just a group of people or casual conversation. Its about meeting new people from around the world. People whom you may have never had the honor or pleasure of meeting before, because they live in another country far off in the distance. Our members each share their unique talents, personal experiences, and build special friendships with one another here at HOF. We strive to give of ourselves unconditionally and ask for the same in return, including our shoulders to lean on, and an ear to listen. This is what makes our Haven, a true friendship.

Our goal is to support one another in good times and in bad. We are a safe Haven in a world of struggles and hard moments that can seem almost unbearable at certain times. Our strength in friendship is impossible to duplicate. Together we can conquer the world. There is nothing that can not be achieved or gained. We have come together as one. We are a House of Friends. It's the most priceless & precious gift, that anyone could ever ask for.

If you would like to join our House of Friends, we ask that you please navigate throughout our site by using our text links at the top of this page, or the sitemap below. You will find all the information you are seeking within these main pages. Please feel free to look around. We are certain you will enjoy what you see. If you would like to ask us any questions regarding the House of Friends, please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail using the form located on our contact page. One of the Founders will get back to you just as soon as possible. We don't like to keep our friends waiting. We look forward to having you join us, and we do promise that the reward is a warm embrace and many new friends, whom you can call your own!

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